Training with business sector representatives.

The training happened in Technopark Pomerania, a space for companies from the IT sector. Technopark provides business development support programs, office rental, and data center services. In the public areas of the building you can find sculptures, paintings, and drawings. During the visit we had a tour, a talk with a few graphic designers, and a workshop. The topic of the workshop was: How might visual communication influence the working/public space?
23 of May, 2:00 - 4.00 pm
Szczecin, Technopark Pomerania, ul. Cyfrowa 6
Training fascilitators:
dr Magdalena Małachowska, dr Sylwia Bąkowska
Tour guide:
Marzena Zasińska - Igła, Business Development Coordinator, Technopark Pomerania