Survival Rules.

We invite you to see the intimate exhibition "Survival Rules" with works of Daniel Hanzlík and Pavel Mrkus, curated by Michal Koleček at ZONA Art Gallery, Academy of Art in Szczecin in Poland.

Authors present three video installations inspired by their stay at Pwani University College in Kilifi in Kenya, within the TICASS project. Both works contain performative elements anchored in a real situation which is characteristic for their place of origin. Situations represent a conflict of different realities that grow from a deep contrast between everyday life in the European and African world. Both Daniel Hanzlík and Pavel Mrkus are looking for a common endorsement of the issues associated with different perspectives of traditional and contemporary modes of societal rules.

Daniel Hanzlík – Unfair Rules, 2018
Kilifi, Kenya
Intervention, video
The depiction of the zebra scheme brings different meanings and ways of reading in a different cultural environment. Mrkus marked the transition symbol on the local road in the double-crossing area, as it would be common in European conditions. The intervention is intended to open the meanings of the rules and their significance with the consequences of their observance. Artificially implemented rules into a different type of environment cease to play their part, and may become superfluous or absurd. The emergence of a situation that has been linked to a change in interpretation and the immediate reaction of people from the local community was recorded in the video. Its resulting form is a compilation of sequences from the documentation taken immediately after the transition is indicated. The video represents also a dynamic image of landscape with a geometric motif. Different viewpoints in the video bring different spatial constellations which document not only the actual situation caused by the intervention but also the image of the geometric grid as a two-dimensional structure placed in a three-dimensional environment, or an image of the order of nature with the order of geometry.

Pavel Mrkus – Survival Kit, 2018
Video, sound, 10 min

The video features a group of contemporary African young men, village drummers and bikers from eastern Kenya. A group of drummers plays the traditional rhythm of the Girijama tribe on drums produced and used for village ceremonies. Motorcyclists create a different audio format by adding gas on their machines used as taxis. The ritual and passenger transport are two of the basic elements of contemporary African society, both of which are ways to survive in today's cultural and natural wilderness: a spiritual ritual and a motorcycle as a basic tool of livelihood.

Duration of the exhibition:
28/08/2018 - 15/09/2018