Rapprochement – from message to propaganda

On the 12th of May, Academy of Art in Szczecin held the first TICASS project open event. “Rapprochement – from message to propaganda” was the seminar connected to the exhibition “Rapprochement” that will open in June. The event was hosted by Karolina Zawiślak. TICASS Researchers and students discussed the role of symbolism in modern political propaganda, focusing on the feelings the images evoke and answering the question “What do these images want potential receivers to do?” The seminar was based on three stages – construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. The participants first constructed the object – seeing the symbol and learning the organization it belongs to, then deconstructed the image by dividing it into single symbols, and at the end of the process reconstructed the image and its meaning. Seminar participants studied the relation between the object and the receiver, focusing on feelings connected with receiver’s culture and nationality as well as a subliminal approach, emphasizing the perception related to human values. Participants were exploring whether certain shapes and colors evoke strong negative emotions and if negative symbolism is similar in every county.