prof. Rosita Deluigi

Ph.D in Education, assistant professor in General and Social Pedagogy, Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, University of Macerata, Italy.

She teaches General and Intercultural Education and her research fields are: Intercultural Education – with special attention to children of foreign origin, immigrants, and second generations, and the way of creating inclusive and participatory environments;

Social Animation and Inclusion – as an educational style and democratic method of intervention from the perspective of cooperation, social cohesion, and participatory planning;

Active Ageing, Intergenerational Dialogue and Long Term Care in connection with migrant careworkers – focusing on the perspective of home care and the issue of “badanti” in Italy – and transnational families.

She has several publications in Italian and in English – books, anthologies, articles and a book’s chapter – on her specific topics.

She was involved in various European Projects, e.g.:
“CARER + Ageing well in the community and at home: developing digital competences of care workers to improve the quality of life of older people (2012-2015)”;
“SIT – Stimulators and Inhibitors of Culture of Trust in Educational Interactions Assisted by Modern Information and Communication Technology” (2013-2015);
“PREVDROP – Detecting and Preventing Drop out from Higher Education or Supporting Students to Switch Successfully to VET (2015-2017);
“CHETCH – China and Europe Taking Care of Healthcare Solutions (2014-still ongoing).

She is also the scientific supervisor of several experimental projects (on her topics) founded by different national ministries.