Prof. Audrey Julia Waleghwa Mbogho

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Team Leader and Advanced Researcher for the TICASS Project at PU

Professor Mbogho has wide experience in ICT. She has worked in the USA, South Africa, and Kenya in various capacities for over 20 years. She will oversee all ICT related aspects of the project for the PU team.

"The TICASS project will expose me to a different way of looking at images beyond the purely computational aspects I’m accustomed to. I will have the opportunity to see how people interpret images, and not just how computers carry out the same task. Computers process images, assign meaning to them, and derive meaning from them in a very regimented and prescribed manner. I look forward to further enriching my academic experience as I, together with my colleagues in the TICASS project, carry out analyses which are people, experience and opinion driven, and which contrast the precision of computer science with the fluidity of the arts."