Opening of the first arrangement of the exhibition

On 19th of June there was held the first opening of the exhibition within the TICASS project "Reapproachment".

Please check out our photo gallery, read the curator\'s introduction and fill in the survey:


Rapprochement - noun  

1.     an establishment or reestablishment of harmonious relations;

Aesthetic is not rational. It is culture, habit, craving and identity. Looking at the contribution of artists, curators and scientists, please pay attention to what is there.

People usually walk next to the places of transport, without noticing the beauty and symbolism, which is there. Dear Spectator, please do not drift away this time, do not only listen to the message that signs try to enforce on you. Do not only listen to what image tells you to do. Try to pay attention to what is there, and why it is there.  

The imperatives, which are all around the city, often leaves us without reflection – we just listen to the message, ignoring the history, the aesthetic, and the culture behind it. There’s a gap between what you can see, and your first personal impression of the image. Try to go beyond, notice as many details as you can, and ask yourself – why is it important? Contribute to the culture, that you live in.

Remember, that creativity is not just for artists. Let this exhibition be the begging of your new perspective – in which you pay attention to what is next to you. Start being critical, start comparing the images, without prejudice and without background. This is your time to be critical, just like the child, that learns how to read the world for the first time.