Opening of Exhibitions - 12th November
12.11.2019 at 4.30 pm Museo Palazzo Buonaccorsi (Macerata)

Let's enjoy the images of the Opening Session of the three TICASS Exhibitions:
1. Rapprochement with the public space - the official TICASS exhibition to present our research in Poland, South Africa, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Kenya, and Italy, discovering visual messages in urban spaces.
2. TI.M.E. TICASS Museum Experience - Interactive exhibition and art education between Italian and Kenyan schools, discovering primary colors, creativity, and different languages of communication.
3. Opportunities - Solo exhibition of art projects created during a stay in Kenya, discovering different sides and perspectives of opportunities.
Great cooperation between Universities (UNIMC & UJEP), McZee, and Museo Buonaccorsi.