Interdisciplinary seminars "Telling heterogeneous contexts: research, languages, ​​and participatory narratives"

On 3rd and 4th of December, a group of UNIMC researchers and professors involved in the TICASS project carried out a series of interdisciplinary seminars with the participation of Giorgio Cingolani (Ph.D., director/filmmaker) and Marta Scocco (Ph.D. candidate) who carried out qualitative research (in psychological and sociological fields), creating video products to disseminate the results and to propose new readings of the analyzed phenomena.
In the first seminar, after a presentation of the theoretical framework of the research managed by prof. Alessandra Fermani, the participants viewed the film: "Homeward Bound. Intercultural strategies and artistic production to promote inclusion and interaction" and had a round table with the filmmaker. In the second seminar, prof. Maria Luisa Zanier introduced the research about the challenges of the migration phenomenon and then we projected the documentary "Italians in Belgium" followed by an open discussion coordinated by prof. Isabella Crespi.
Through the video language, different stories of social spaces, marginality and segregation, and migratory projects, transits, fragmented paths were narrated and analyzed with the students.
At the end of the seminars, prof. Rosita Deluigi has coordinated an open discussion on participatory research and on the use of visual languages ​​in social research.