Images of correspondence.
Meeting points.

Correspondence as an exchange of messages and communications but also - and above all - "correspond" in the sense of "coincide", "equal in space and time".
During the summer of 2020, the McZee cultural association and the University of Macerata launched the "Images of correspondences. Meeting points". The project proposed a playful experience based on the resumption of the obsolete communication by means of letter, in paper format and strictly handwritten, as a tool for non-functional communication and as a symbolic place in which to promote an encounter among people located in geographically distant places (in the Italian context).
After months of continuous digital, instantaneous and hyper-functional relationships, aimed at addressing the needs manifested during the health emergency caused by Covid-19, this experience has established itself as a means to playfully regain a part of the physical and sensual dimension of communicating through manual, slow, asynchronous writing. Each participant donated a fragment of her/his time and personal sphere to a "mysterious" correspondent, by writing and sending three letters, involving her/himself in an action of sharing and exchange.
Each letter had an image of some kind attached (photograph, drawing, graphic work, collage, etc.) which the recipient was free to caption. The gallery proposed here is the collection of images - and related captions - that the recipients of the correspondences returned at the end of the experience.

The laboratory is an idea of the McZee Cultural Association for the TICASS - Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art and Social Sciences project, promoted by professors Rosita Deluigi and Giuseppe Capriotti of the University of Macerata (Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and tourism).

The workshop was actively attended by: Alisia Cruciani, Rosita Deluigi, Sara Emiliani, Michele Gentili, Alessio Ionna, Giulia Pettinari, Rosanna Renzi, Anna Maria Romagnoli, Giovanna Valle,
Giorgia Vitale.