Horizons of Interest, edited by Adéla Machová and Rosita Deluigi, the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (CZ) in cooperation with the University of Macerata (IT), Ústí nad Labem 2022.

We invite you to read the collective monograph edited by
Adéla Machová and Rosita Deluigi, summarizing TICASS project research in field of art, society, visual communication and education.
The publication Horizons of Interest is conceived as a theoretical material for deeper understanding of visual imagination and art creation. The monograph opens the interdisciplinary dialogue not only about the image and its related visuality, but also technical processing and educational processes both in art and with art. The aim is to explore the contemporary relationship between education and visual communication in contexts which emphasise intercultural strategies and promote active citizenship. The publication combines the theoretical frame from the field of art, philosophy, sociology, education, and the positive practice in art museums and intercultural studies. The interdisciplinary feature of the texts allows us to address intercultural issues supporting the idea of being an active part of the interpretation of artistic languages. The use of diversified languages and media allows the broadening of interdisciplinary channels and modes of dialogue, provided that there is effective accessibility (both physical and cultural) to the various types of visual-artistic communication.

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