Flavia Stara

Prof. Flavia Stara, Ph.D.

Full Professor in Philosophy of Education and Director of International Degree Course in Tourism and Cultural Heritage at the University of Macerata (Italy).

Her education - both in Italy and in the U.S.A (Harvard University) - concentrated on History of Philosophy and Education, Comparative Studies in Literatures and Cultures. Her present research focuses on how educational and cultural processes are challenged, in Western and Eastern realities, by contemporary social transformations referring to the times of inter-culturality, the scope of human rights, and the spaces of ethics. Furthermore she works on interdisciplinary research fields related to Tourism sciences: Human Resources Management, Creativity Skills Coach. In her research areas she authored a number of books and articles both in Italian and English. She is associated with international multidisciplinary research projects to investigate issues related to the growth and evolution of humanity in Europe, India, Brazil, and South Africa.