Exhibition: RAPPROACHMENT with public space

Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland), Association of Science, Education, Culture (Poland), Jan E. Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem (Czech Rep.), Pwani University in Kilifi (Kenya), and University of Macerata (Italy) are pleased to invite you to the exhibition “RAPPROACHMENT with public space” which is held in the entrance hall of the Library at Pwani University.

Opening of exhibition will take place on Friday 16th November 2018 at 5 p.m. with introductory speeches by team members of project TICASS.

The exhibition “RAPPROACHMENT with public space” is focused on the city spaces in the Czech Republic, Italy, Kenya, Poland, South Africa, and United Kingdom, and their aesthetic. The researchers of TICASS project collected the pictures of their public space and prepared the documentary photography for the exhibition. The aims of the exhibition are to familiarize the recipients with other cultural patterns of visual communication and bring them closer to the perception of pictures.

We assumed that people usually walk through public places with their perception in a standby mode, because they are attacked by many pictures, signs, and symbols every moment. They see the visual signs, but they do not (or do not want to) decode the messages. The exhibition shows how the viewer could to pay attention to what is there in the picture, and why it is there. Remember, that there is a possible gap between what you see and what is a first impression.

The exhibition is a part of international project TICASS – Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Science which is focused on the visual technologies and their significant influence for people, and also on visual literacy. “RAPPROACHMENT with public space” is a presentation that will be transferred to all TICASS member institutions. The exhibition serves as a research tool and in the exposition the researchers work with the different target groups in the form of workshops. The TICASS project is interested in the perception of the public space, so we ask the following question – how do people in the different cities read and perceive the visual signs, icons, QR codes, graphic designs, and pictures?

Curator of exhibition concept: Karolina Zawiślak
Curator of exposition in Kenya: Adéla Machová

Opening hours of the exhibition:
MON–FRI 10am–5pm / admission free

Pwani University Library, Entrance Hall
Campus Area of Pwani University
Mombasa – Malindi Highway, Kilifi (Kenya)

Photos by Aleš Loziak