Dr. Agnieszka Szajner

Polish University Abroad in London, United Kingdom
The influence of multicultural community on London’s public space

Cross-border mobility is one of the present trends regarding development of today’s societies. Intercultural encounters, implied by the cross-border mobility, are an effect of interactions between individuals or groups of people living in different cultures; it relates to people who moved to London, too. This city is a very unique creation in multicultural prism. Its distinctive character comes from the imperial ages and their 20th century climax. People coming to London from all over the world have been turning this astonishing city into a place full of cultural artifacts, influenced by overseas societies. Then, such questions arise: Does the multicultural community shape London’s public space? If yes, then how does it happen and how much does it affect everyday social relations, or even municipal infrastructure? Moreover, how does it imply a brand new multicultural space? Is it just evolving out of its equal ingredients, or is there anything leading inside such a specific cultural mix? Implementing the basic theory of visual identity, taken into account with an intercultural approach, can be interesting enough to explore issues we\'re keen on just now.