Dr. Rosita Deluigi

University of Macerata, Italy
The contexts of visual culture. The dialogue between teenagers identities and urban spaces

The contibution investigates the plurality of glances that set the interpretative keys of visual languages. The multitude of messages that we receive every day require a critical reading perspective. We are not only passive users of images but also producers of them. The visual dimension becomes a language for different cultures to question themselves, to comprehend each other, and express co-built perspectives. Taking into account personal paradigms and cultural-geographical contexts of belonging, it is possible to deconstruct, with intentionality, fixed visions of reality in favor of dialogic conflicting communicative trajectories. In this regard, we present a project, realized in Italy, in which adolescents of a second migrants\' generation and Italian teenagers question the urban space, producing new visual narratives and explaining their sense of citizenship.