Dr hab. Elżbieta Perzycka, prof. US

Uniwersytet Szczeciński
and Piotr Perzycki
Academy of Art. In Szczecin, Poland

“Intro” in communicating computer art in reference to P.Lester theory

Visuality, digital visualizations, and communication through computer art - even though their presence can be seen in many cultures, their understanding is different. I ask the question: why? In this paper I would like to focus on what INTRO in computer communication is, in reference to the work of Paul Martin Lester (Theory of Visuality) and Claude E. Shanon and Weaver (Theory of Communication). The presentation focuses on the conditions of INTRO formation, understood as the miniature of the whole, which collects the whole, and is included in the whole. Therefore, in order for INTRO to be worthwhile, one has to look at the whole of what has become its existence.