Deliverable 5.3 - Launching a newsletter

On the 28th of July the TICASS project newsletter was launched.  It contains information about the first secondment that has been realized in Szczecin, Poland:

During the secondment, participants from Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland), Association for Education, Science, Culture (Poland), Jan Evangelista Purkyne University nad Labem (Czech Republic), University of Macerata (Italy), Polish University Abroad in London (United Kingdom), and University of Witswatersrand (Republic of South Africa) have conducted research in the visual urban iconosphere in Szczecin, Poland. They prepared necessary tools for empirical research according to Harold Dwight Lasswell and Paul Martin Lester, conducted research, prepared the experimental artistic-scientific exhibition Rapprochement, shared knowledge during various seminars and during the conference "Theoretical Basis of Visuality from Intercultural Perspective", and started work for a course in visual literacy and the Integral Theory of Visual Education. For more information about the secondment, check out the following:

-       Conference on Visuality in Intercultuural Perspective

-       Exhibition

-       Preliminary workshop for Visual Literacy

-       Trainings with business sector representatives

-       Meeting with academic sector representatives

-       The TICASS project inauguration

-       Research objective
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