Deliverable 4.2 - 10 video-conferences

Within the TICASS project we conducted 11 video-conferences with project managers, consisting of the Main Coordinator, Regional Coordinators, Risk Manager, Quality Manager, Dissemination and Exploitation Manager, and Mentor for Early Career Researchers in order to facilitate project management. One video-conference was organized before the beginning of the project to prepare the whole team for the start of the work during the first secondment to the Academy of Art in Szczecin (AASZ) and to the Association for Education, Science, Culture in Poland (SENK). The video-conferences were organized usually before and after the planned mobilities, and were focused on preparation of research and training during the upcoming secondment, on evaluation of the research and training outcomes, or on discussions regarding the need to amend the Grant Agreement and on the summary of the whole project and its later stages.
Report: Confidential