Deliverable 2.1 - Drafts of articles on Theoretical Basis of Visuality from Intercultural Perspective

After the conference on the Theoretical Basis of Visuality from the Intercultural Perspective that was held at the end of the first mobility within the TICASS project (Poland, 28th-29th of June, 2017) drafts of the articles for publication were collected. Full articles are to be submitted until 31st of December 2017, and the anthology will be published – on-line and in print – in the year 2018. Eleven drafts collected so far compound a coherent and interesting whole, with well-marked theoretical framework, a pedagogical approach on theoretical and practical levels, visual culture methodology applied to specific phenomena of visual communication, and an artistic perspective. The preparation of the collection of drafts in the deliverable contributes to the quality of the upcoming anthology.
Report: Public