Deliverable 1.1 - Schedule, division into teams, decision on the research tools for empirical research

In the initial phase of the project, all researchers involved in the mobilities worked on the preparation of research tools. Work started before the first mobility in late March. The researchers have collaborated online via Skype, and everyone received new domain email addresses.

When the researchers arrived in Szczecin in May, the work continued, because all the artistic, empirical, and theoretical perspectives of the project (and therefore different methodologies involved) had to be considered simultaneously.

The work concluded in late May and the tools were ready to use in the following month for the mobility in Szczecin.

Research tools have been prepared in English.

We have also established teams on the online platform for soft project management, Basecamp, and shared research tools there.

On the following pages are included: the working schedule, the list of working teams, tools developed by the researchers, and screenshots from the Basecamp platform.