D1.4 - Workshops for elaboration of courses in Visual Literacy

All workshops for the elaboration of creative courses in Visual Literacy were prepared by the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic (UJEP). The realization of each workshop was primarily intended for the researchers in the TICASS project, but also their colleagues from partner universities and local students of universities where the project’s secondments took place. The workshops were also open for the public interested in visual communication in the public space. UJEP planned to realize 5 total workshops as a part of the TICASS project (one during each secondment in the project – in Poland, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Czech Republic). However, researchers from the UJEP will manage to do 6 total workshops as described below, because two workshops were realized during the Kenya secondment and one workshop is still forthcoming, to be realized in Czech Republic – this one is late due to the COVID-19 outbreak, by necessity postponing the mobility to UJEP from spring to fall of 2020. 

UJEP based the workshops mainly on the practical art creation experience and on the interpretation processes in visual communication. The workshops’ development of visual literacy was based on two elements – one being a theoretical lecture and the other a practical exercise.