D1.2 - Seminars referring to the exhibitions

The main objective of realizating seminars for the preparation of the exhibition “Rapprochement” (in the sense of an establishment or reestablishment of harmonious relations) was to discuss together the idea of the exhibition and the methods of organization, sharing materials and coordinating the formula with which to present the exhibition.
The exhibition prepared within the TICASS project is not a common artistic exhibition, but an exhibition that is together an artistic product and a research tool. The innovative character of the exhibition is to be used as the medium to investigate reactions of recipients to the images collected and presented, requiring preparation in a participatory way, not just by one curator.
At the project’s beginning the person leading the preparations for the exhibitions and seminars was appointed, managing the process from the side of Academy of Art in Szczecin (AASZ): Karolina Zawiślak, for a year and a half (2017–2018). However, after the first year the Board for Arts was established, which is managed by Adéla Machová from Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (UJEP), who is the curator of the project’s exhibitions since 2018 (exhibition title: RAPPROCHEMENT with the public space).

The seminars referring to the exhibition took place during the first and second, and will take place during the last secondment – which is still forthcoming due to the delay caused by COVID-19 outbreak (the last mobility was moved from spring to fall 2020).
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