Aleš Loziak – Opportunities

13. – 26. 11. 2019

Macerata Musei – Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Opening of exhibition: Tuesday 12th November 2019 at 4.30 pm

The exhibition “Opportunities” shows an artistic project of Aleš Loziak which he created during his internship in the East Coast of Kenya. The series of selected photography represent a variability of opportunities in everyday life there. The opportunity is intended as a time limited and favourable moment to accomplish a life goal, a kind of new possibility but also with impulse and stimulus. The artist captured moments when everybody can meet an opportunity, the situations with external potential in some time node, and their next steps depends on the reaction or decision.

We can recognize the desire of people to work and their effort, but also a lack of offers. Aleš Loziak does not criticize a current situation, he just adjusts the mirror. He tries to cope with his experiences in Africa through these photography images, seeking an answer to his question about coming relationships with a local people and if he also brings a real opportunity. He is aware of expectations on both sides – he is an explorer looking for friendship relations, on the other hand, someone looking for an opportunity to establish a cooperation for possible life growth or to make money. He points out the differences in the conditions and rules for creating interpersonal relationships.

This series of photography reveals the elements of postcolonial society as relationship to another, cultural hybridity in the sense of mixing local culture with colonizer and the problem of marginalisation of otherness. We can notice the use of new technologies, and how the traditional way of life is complemented by new modern approach to habitation, cultural customs, agriculture, etc.

Adéla Machová, curator of exhibition

Aleš Loziak (born 1979, Czech Republic) works as a pedagogue – an assistant professor at the studio Photography and Time-Based Media at the Faculty of Art and Design of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. He is a student of the Visual Communication PhD programme since 2013 and he focuses on the problematic of photographs’ installation in the context of a space. In his artwork he often applies a post-productive approach, reusing his own photographic material (image) for new works involved in a new context. In his artwork he is inspired by established photographers, such as Wolfgang Tillmans or Beate Gütschov. On a long-term basis, Aleš Loziak focuses his work on the problematic of perception of the world, for example how a detail forms a whole and its meaning. In months of April, October, and November 2018 he stayed at the Pwani University (Kenya) where he participated in the international project TICASS (Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Science).