6th of December - visit to the schools

On December 6th, the TICASS research group met the head teacher, teachers, and students of the Comprehensive Institute of Macerata "Mestica."
During the first meeting with Director Sabina Tombesi we compared the school and training systems of Italy and Kenya, thinking about the different educational and management challenges.
Later, we visited several kindergartens and primary classes located in these school buildings: Montessori, Mameli, Rodari, Sibillini, and Salvo D'Acquisto. The cooperation with several teachers has allowed us to better understand the environments, to understand how they are characterized by the use of images, how digital and traditional tools are integrated, and how children perceive and move in space.
The working group was able to attend some daily activities, dealing with different methods and interaction strategies. The meetings included class visits, open dialogue with children, guided tour of the buildings (by the children), and active participation in some creative-expressive activities (songs and dances.)