28th of March 2018

Dr. Monika Zawadzki and Dr. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz Alcaraz (Academy of Art in Szczecin) realized the workshop “Emotions and Ideas Described in Visual Language (Graphic Symbols)” with girls from the 2nd form (around 15 years old) at St. Thomas High School for Girls in Kilifi.

During the workshop each girl had to depict a symbol/idea/concept (which they had chosen in a lottery) on paper. Each symbol/idea/concept was depicted by two girls, which gave the opportunity to compare the drawings also between Christian and Muslim girls. After drawing, the girls gave others the opportunity to guess what it means, for example: fear, a god, nature, and so forth.

Researchers tried to make girls express their worldview, being interested to see and to show them their own perspective, because the externalization of the perception can allow making it conscious -- which helps to grow conscious, responsible citizens.