26th of March 2018

TICASS researchers participated in the seminar hold by Prof. Rosita Deluigi and Dr. Giuseppe Capriotti (University of Macerata) on Educational Projects and Visual Language.

During the seminar Deluigi and Capriotti presented two projects ongoing in Macerata: “Urban TICASS” and “Visual TICASS”. 

“Urban TICASS” is being done by two groups: one composed of children from primary schools taking photos in the historical city centre of Macerata and describing them in adjusted Lasswell’s Analysis Cards;  the other of students of Educational Sciences and of Cultural Heritage analyzing gathered materials and preparing a Visual Treasure Hunt in the centre, which will take place 19th - 20th of May 2018.

“Visual TICASS” is conducted with children from pre-school education (3-6 years old) drawing the narrative story including various perspectives (of owls and bats living on the same tree). The objective of this project is to make children become active producers of images.