14th and 15th of March 2018

The TICASS researchers have realized a series of working seminars in Lasswell’s Analysis Groups, a common workshop, and a lecture on Visual Culture Studies by Prof. Giuseppe Capriotti from University of Macerata, Italy.

Wednesday, 14th of March there were held meetings in Lasswell’s Analysis Groups.

1.     Parks, streets and squares – Coordinator: Rosita Deluigi; Makuti Village, Kilifi, 2.00 pm

/members of the group: Giuseppe Capriotti, Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak, Steve Muoki.

2.      Public facilities – Coordinator: Adela Machova; Maghreb Hotel, Kilifi, 9.00 am

/members of the group: Karolina Zawiślak, Ales Loziak, Alex Muthanga.

3.     Public transport – Coordinator: Agnieszka Szajner/Roman Mazur; Flamingo Hotel, 10.00 am

/members of the group: Grażyna Czubińska, Steve Owino.

4.     Public transport stops – Coordinator: Malgorzata Szymankiewicz; Maghreb Hotel, Kilifi, 4.00 pm

/members of the group: Aleksandra Lukaszewicz Alcaraz, Francis Wokabi, Monika Zawadzki. 

5.     Railway/metro/other stations – Coordinator: Elżbieta Perzycka; Margreb Hotel, Kilifi, 2 pm

/members of the group: Audrey Mbogho, Lidia Marek, Anna Watoła.

Each group discussed images collected during study tours and field investigations and divided them into sub-categories.

Thursday, 15th of March: after the meeting of Regional Coordinators, Prof. Giuseppe Capriotti gave the lecture on Visual Culture Studies, in which he presented the history of the field before and after the development of P. M. Lester’s theory of visual analysis. Tracing the roots of Lester’s perspective in Erwin Panfsky’s iconology and in Aby Warburg’s approach, Prof. Capriotti referred Lester to many contemporary theorists, among them: David Freedberg and W. J. T. Mitchell, marking the difference from German reflection (Bildwissenschaftlunch.)

In the afternoon, TICASS researchers realized the common workshop on the images collected by all Lasswell’s Analysis Groups – common discussion.