MA Kitso Lelliot

WITS School of Art, Republic of South Africa
South Atlantic Hauntings: Geographies of Memory, Ancestralities and Re-Memberings

In my research I engage with the possibilities for speaking from spaces of elision through the theoretical constructions of ghosts and haunting. I use the idea of elision with reference to enunciations and knowledges produced as marginal through processes of disavowing the legitimacy, value, or presence of ways of knowing and being that are ‘othered’ as they are different from hegemonic norms. Elision, however, suggests that the subsumed is always (present) between and a part of that which is spoken and written. The spectral opens a way to engage with the illusive slippages in time, space, ‘reality’, hegemony, and absences in relation to enunciations from spaces of elision. My work is couched in and articulated through theories of de-coloniality from the Global South, privileging creative/visual arts towards trans-epistemological knowledges.