MA Adéla Machová

Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Curator of Contemporary Art and the Public Space

The curator of contemporary art works on the exhibition in many various places, not just in gallery institutions. We know about creating exhibitions in a church, in a summer-house, in a flat, or in an old gasoline station etc., but also in the public spaces of the city - streets, parks, or squares. I do not mean street art or mural pieces here, but really making an exhibition with artworks. This open space under the sky has particular conditions for the curatorial work, and we can speak about a special curatorial approach. We know a lot of examples from abroad, mostly exhibitions of sculptures or festivals of arts, but I would like to focus on the gallery platforms in the public space. Some of these galleries are often called alternative, they may have irregular open hours, some are “roofed” and their location is in the public space where people walk every day, or children could play before them. Presented artwork is in contact with the public all the time, and could speak the same language or could try to tell some message for the community.

In this contribution I will focus on the visual communication between the viewer, gallery and artwork. I will speak about the galleries in the city of Ústí nad Labem (CZ) - Billboard gallery, gallery Deska (Panel), gallery Buňka (Cell), gallery Procházka pod skutečností (Walk under the Real Life), gallery In Vitro and gallery Vitrínky (Showcases).